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Addressing Climate Change

Friday10/183:45 pm - 5:15 pm

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Join us at the Discovery Building for an interactive session on the science of climate change, greenhouse gases and ocean acidification!

Climate change affects everyone, so everyone should understand why the climate is changing and what it means for them, their children and generations to follow.

Concentrations of greenhouse gases in Earth’s atmosphere are higher and increasing faster than at any time in the past 1 million years. The average temperature of Earth is increasing, ice is melting, oceans are acidifying, and extreme weather events are more frequent. Human activities, principally the combustion of fossil fuels, are a major source of greenhouse gases and a major driver of climate change. Individuals and groups must make adaptations to changes that have already occurred. Reducing emissions is required to avoid a warmer planet. Lifestyle decisions that reduce energy consumption are actually meaningful steps.

We promote engagement in respectful conversations on climate change and on the policies and actions that individuals, communities and nations might take to mitigate and adapt to what is happening to our planet.

This session is free of charge but preregistration is required (click here to preregister).

Event Details:

Event Category: Chemistry & Physics
Event Type: Hands-on
Target Age/Grade: Adults
UW-Madison event: Yes
Event Features: Featured Event Free Event Indoor Event Madison Public Transit Friendly
Admission: Free


UW-Madison (Discovery Building)
330 N. Orchard St.
Madison, WI 53715 United States


Wisconsin Initiative for Science Literacy

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