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fANTastic Farmers! Leaf-Cutter Ant Display Colony

Saturday11/1012:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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Visit the Currie-lab’s large leaf-cutter ant colony at the UW-Madison Microbial Sciences Building and learn about these amazing organisms! Observe the ants cutting and carrying leaves to feed the symbiotic fungus they farm in underground chambers. Watch the ants raise their young and weed their fungus. Plus, learn how we can improve our understanding of basic biology, discover new antibiotics, and contribute to biofuel research by studying these insects. Visitors can observe our display colony, play a game to experience the challenges of forming a successful leaf-cutter ant colony, and learn how to collect ants in their own backyards.

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Event Category: Nature Lovers & Sky Gazers Plants, Animals, Microbes, Oh My!
Age: All Ages
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UW–Madison (Microbial Sciences Building)
1550 Linden St
Madison, WI 53706 United States
(608) 890-0237


Currie Lab
(608) 890-0237

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