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Join hundreds of venues around Wisconsin that connect people with science, technology, engineering, art and math. More than 50 cities and 36,000 people participated last year.

To get started, contact Wes Marner, statewide coordinator, at 608.316.4716,

Why host a #WiSciFest event?

  • It’s FREE. Really!
  • Showcase your value in the community
  • Reach new audiences
  • Build partnerships
  • Let our marketing further promote your events

Science is everywhere

Science doesn’t just happen in a lab; it happens in our homes, parks, local businesses, libraries and more. Here are a few examples:

  • Community science expo at your school
  • Tinker night at your public library
  • A relaxed Science on Tap night at your pub
  • A night of stargazing in your local park

The only limitation is your curiosity. Explore ideas for festival events.

All participants were very excited about the event and that we were part of a statewide celebration.

Minocqua Public Library

Guest Speakers

Bring a UW-Madison expert to your event! We once again will be partnering with the UW-Madison Speaker’s Bureau to connect experts with venues around the state. Interested? Let us know. We’ll work to make a match, and we cover the costs.

Host a science festival pub night

Raise your glass to science! Is there a topic that might interest your establishment’s regular crowd? We can work with you to find an expert to give a relaxing but informative talk while your patrons enjoy a beverage (or two).

Citizen science

The Small World Initiative and the festival seek citizen scientists to work with higher education institutions throughout Wisconsin in advancing the hunt for new antibiotics. Contact us for more information!

On the fence? Have questions? Know someone else we should contact?

Our goal is to help you host an awesome event and we are here to help with ideas and more. To get started, contact Wes Marner, statewide coordinator, at 608.316.4716,


The WI Science Festival was a great way to get our 8th grade students into our high school to see how science is integrated across the curriculum. It was a great success!

Hartford Union High School

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