For Teachers: Field Trips & Professional Development Workshops


Wisconsin Science Festival field trips and teacher workshops are wonderful opportunities to connect elementary, middle and high school classes with the incredible science that is happening across Wisconsin.

2018 Field Trip Examples

Discovery Building, UW-Madison Campus

October 11-12

The renowned Discovery Expo will once again feature dozens of interactive, hands-on exploration stations for K-12 students. The activities include past favorites and new ones like augmented reality, the future of bees and pollinators, medical careers and organ exploration!

Other UW-Madison Destinations

October 11-12

Several other UW-Madison campus groups provide unique field trip stops. The Science Festival Loop will include sites like the UW Dairy Barn, the D.C. Smith Greenhouse and the Geology Museum.

Statewide Activities

The Wisconsin Science Festival will include field trip options across the state and activities you can participate in (or host) right in your community.

What Color Is? Data Stored in Stacks of Color
Perfect for: all ages and all classes! (specifically art, math, science, statistics and computer science classes)
How do Wisconsinites perceive the color of hope, the color of boredom and the color of their favorite song? School and community participants can build their color data stacks online. A recorded talk responding to the project will be available to watch after the festival.

Statewide Science Challenge 2018: Lunchroom Leftovers
Perfect for: all ages! (math, science, environmental science, science clubs)
Do field research to learn about the waste stream in your lunchroom to springboard ideas for science projects throughout the year. One of the goals of this statewide challenge project is to create common conversations around science for teachers of the state regarding WSS, NGSS, science fairs and field research.

Neuroscientist AMA: “Ask Me Anything”
Perfect for: middle schoolers and all ages! (science and science clubs)
Includes directions for a neuron modeling activity in your classroom and a link to ask neuroscientists questions that they will answer in a video made (October 8) just for you. A live neuroscientist AMA online chat will occur on October 11.

Outdoor Learning: Stewardship Opportunities
Perfect for: youth and groups of all ages! (science and science clubs)
Work with conservation sites throughout the state to connect to science service opportunities related to the new 2018 Wisconsin Standards for Environmental Literacy and Sustainability.

Explore the Universe, Life on Earth and Humankind
Perfect for: Curiosity seekers and students/teachers who want to explore
The quest to understand our beginnings — of our universe, of life on Earth, of our species — inspires people all over the world. At the University of Wisconsin–Madison, researchers have forged partnerships with colleagues in South Africa and are uncovering answers and opening new scientific frontiers.

Transportation Reimbursement

Limited funds will be available to reimburse transportation costs associated with bringing your group to UW-Madison for the Wisconsin Science Festival. Once registration is open, the funds will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Showcase Science in Your Local Community

If you can’t make it to a science festival site, you can participate in or host an event in your community. From family science nights to collecting soil as part of the Small World Initiative, we can help you bring the science festival to your location.

Contact Morgan Olson at or 608-316-4500 if you have questions.

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“I absolutely LOVED the teacher workshops! Very engaging, with presenters who were obviously interested in sharing their knowledge and resources with teachers.”

A 2014 Wisconsin Science Festival Teacher Workshop Participant

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